4 Tips About Wig Care


A wig in general does not need to be combed regularly although when you do comb it be very gentle and use a special brush.

Always keep in mind that if you have a Synthetic wig; never use a blow dryer since it cannot sustain high temperature.

When storing it is advisable to place it on a wig stand so that it maintains the style.

Never shake the wig with a towel after wash or even wring it. The wig can however be squeezed dry.

It is advisable to use the special wig shampoo and products on a wig against using the normal one that you use for your natural hair.


It is best to soak the wig in chlorine free water prior to going for a swim since it is less likely to absorb any more water later.

Conditioner is a good deterrent for chlorine so spray some on the wig.

If you go swimming regularly invest in a clarifying shampoo and use it occasionally.


Give you hair a quick wash to remove the chlorine immediacy after a swim and if possible go for a thorough wash with shampoo.

Apply the conditioner immediacy after washing your hair.

Hot oil treatments are good for your wig especially if you swim frequently.


It is ok to shake a new wig lightly to loosen it; however if it is already set in a style never shake it.

When getting the hair products for your wig, take into consideration whether it is a human hair wig or a synthetic one and get the appropriate products.

Any tangles in the wig should be removed manually by hand. It is also fine to brush the wig the exception being if it is a curly hair wig.

Make sure never to use any styling tools on a Synthetic wig since they are not built to sustain heat.

It is highly recommended that you use a nylon wig cap for long natural hair when using a wig.
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