How Do i Measure My Head Size?


Circumference of the Head: As the name suggests you need to measure all around the head. While measuring the tape should follow the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.

Forehead to nape of neck: This involves measure from hairline at center of forehead, straight back over crown right up to center of hairline at nape of neck.

Ear to ear across front hairline: For this one you need to start from front of one ear till the same point at the front of the other ear by measuring from hairline of base of sideburns, go up across the hairline along forehead.

Ear to Ear: Involves measuring from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.

Temple to Temple: Involves measuring temple to temple across the back of the head.

Nape of Neck: Here you measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.

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