Know All About the Best Ways to Secure a Wig

People wear wigs for many reasons. Some might wear a wig as a result of a health condition, or some just wear it to enhance their look. In either case, it is important that the person wearing the wig feels secured at all times.

  • Here are some ways to make sure of that.

Wearing A Wig Cap

Wearing a Wig Cap is one of the best ways to make sure that a wig stays reliably stable on the head. There are two types of wig caps – a Nylon Wig Cap and a Mesh Wig Cap.

Using a Nylon Wig Cap under a wig will :

  • Keep the wig from dislocating or sliding.
  • Hold the user’s own hair in position.
  • Ensure that the wig is clean.

A Mesh Wig Cap is particularly made keeping in mind women with long hair. When it is used under a wig, it can:

  • Keep the wig from getting dislocated or slipping away.
  • Hold the user’s own hair in position.

Using Bobby Pins

Before asking how to secure a wig with bobby pins, the user must be having at least some of his or her own hair to wear one. If a wig needs some additional security, trying to lift up a portion of the hair and inserting some bobby pins will definitely help. Here are some tips on how to use bobby pins the right way:

  • Sticking them in the right way - The grooved side is meant to help the bobby pins remain in position, so making them face inwards is very effective.
  • Use them with the additional coating towards the end - The small plastic balls at the end of a bobby pin are important and if they have dropped off, the pin is probably not worth it anymore. The metal beneath is not supposed to be worn by itself because the user’s hair might get dragged, caught, and even broken off consequently.
  • Pick the right color as per the user’s hair.
  • Do not use them on wet hair.
  • Do not get them bent out of shape to ensure long-term use.


The perfect item use for people with bald spots or complete baldness. Applying glue is a standard way to secure your wig. It is mild and easily washes off with warm water and does not leave any stains. The glue is highly flexible and moves with the user’s skin.

Following these above-mentioned tips can make wearing a wig no longer a daunting task, rather turn it into an easy job. There are other adhesives that you can also consider such as lace tape, Got2B Gel, and WIG it Gripper.

How Elevatestyles Help You

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