How to clean a wig?

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How to clean a wig?

Who doesn’t want to protect their investment? Fortunately there are numerous products out there that can help you to maintain your human or synthetic wig. Timely cleaning with the proper method can help extend the life of your wig up to 6 months.
Required things:

1. Clean Wash Basin
2. Baking Soda (1 Tsp.)
3. Synthetic Wig Shampoo (1-2 cupful)
4. Wide Tooth Wig
5. Hair Pick
6. Towel
7. Wig Head Stand
8. Synthetic Wig Conditioner Spray


1. Fill the basin with cool tap water; add baking soda, wig shampoo and mix properly.
2. Gently brush and remove knots & tangles before soaking in water.
3. Leave the wig in the basin for about a minute then take it out and put on a dry towel and 4. Clean it with your fingers.
5. Again put it in the basin for another 15-20 minutes.
6. Now without twisting the wig, gently rinse it under tap and squeeze extra water from all the areas.
7. Apply the conditioner on it from top to roots and let it for dry for another 30-40 minutes on a wig stand or towel.

Tips and warnings

1. Brushing isn’t preferable while it is wet, because it can damage the fibers permanently.
2. Only use the specially made for wigs products, regular human hair products can cause damages.
3. Don’t use hot water; cold tap water is preferable for washing.
4. Using heated tools is not recommended.

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