What is Front Lace Wig And how To Install It?

What is Front Lace Wig And how To Install It? - Elevate Styles

Gone are the days when wig was the option for only the people with less hair. Today, style is not limited to only gowns and accessories. People have started doing experiments with their hair style by wearing different hair style wigs to compliment the event look. Hollywood style icons especially A-list actresses and singers wear wigs to complete their look, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Riri are a few name to take.

Have you ever wondered how much skill and time is required to install one perfect wig, let’s say, one frontal full lace wig. It is a wig that is wore at the front head to give the realism, hence they are popular.

Things Required for Installing Lace Front Wig?

For installing you will first require these things; Flesh-colored wig cap, Bobby Pins, Hair clips, Scissors, Isopropyl alcohol, Scalp Protector, Wig Tape, Wig adhesive, Cotton swab. However, it is never easy to perform a wig hairdo at home as it requires experience and skill. You can search for an expert and ask them about your front lace wig requirement and they will guide with the best and help you with the installation.

How to Install a Lace Front Wig?

Just in case you are wondering about the process of lace wig frontal piece installation, we will tell you that as well.

Step one is to flatten your hair. For shorter hair, level your hair against the head, for medium hair pull your hair behind and do a low ponytail, for long hair make ponytail and bring it on the top making a bun, with the help of bobby pin.

  • Step two is to place the wig cap at the front
  • Step three is for skin protection, use good quality skin/scalp wash and serum/alcohol to protect your skin from the excessive oil and dirt.

  • Step four is for applying the glue to fit your wig, but before that make sure your wig is placed perfectly. This is the most crucial stage.

  • Step five is for trimming the lace. This is the step where clasps are used to pull the hair far from the face and trim the lace along natural hairline.
  • Step six is for pulling the wig up leaving all the clips as it is.
  • Step seven is for styling your hair according to your need.

Now that you are wondering that wearing and installing wig are two different things then you are right. It is recommended to ask your expert stylist to do the installation for you to save your from the disaster at the event.

Where to Buy Frontal Full Lace Wig?

Elevate Styles offer best quality front lace wigs of big and popular brands at the best market competitive price. You can also buy hair styling tools and hair care products to increase the longevity of the wig. To buy your wig and other related accessories, visit their website, www.elevatestyles.com


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