ZURY Beyond Collection Pushes the Boundaries Again

ZURY Beyond Collection Pushes the Boundaries Again - Elevate Styles

Spring always brings happy feelings to me because the weather gets warmer. The warm weather and sunshine on my face motivates me to go out and do more. Zury is the same way and the purpose of Beyond Your Imagination Collection is to push the boundaries of style. This season we are starting strong already with TWIN PART and Pre-Styled Barbie Doll.

The Twin Part series features a 3 part cap construction. This includes a a Deep 6" Part with two side extreme parts. This facilitates a natural top knot look or a half up-do style. This sub collection includes Bestie, Blast and Blest. One of our favorite YTers is Trendy K she is an absolute beast and we love the 3 looks she created with this TWIN PART SERIES WIG.

Last but not least the romantic, classic style of a simple braid cannot be overlooked. Zury calls this collection Pre-Styled Barbie Doll but the style is definiely a must for those looking for a timeless look.


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