A New Method For Crochet Braids

In a recent video on Elevate Styles’ Youtube Channel, we showed a new method for installing crochet braids. We’re proud that so many people watched and commented on our video.

In three minutes Patlen Trye goes over the new rubber band method. She details how rubber bands are worked through a standard cornrow-style braid holding the weaving braids in a window pattern to give a full look in significantly less time than a typical weave process. The method allows hair to fall in a more natural way that allows the wearer better freedom and mobility of the braids.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Work a high-quality cosmetic-grade rubber band through the weaving braid with a small weaving needle. Pull one end through the loop of the other to attach the rubber band firmly.
  2. Keeping the long loop around the weaving needle, run the rubber band under the cornrow.
  3. Once the rubber band is in place underneath the cornrow, gently pull the braid through the slack loop to install it into the scalp
The Window Method: instead of installing weaving braids along each cornrow, use a checkerboard pattern. By placing braids along the length of the scalp alternating along every two rows, you use less product and allow for a lighter wear

In the video, Patlen discusses the uses of the rubber band method and how it makes installing Elevate Styles’ crochet braids for sale much easier on both the stylist and the wearer. She calls her alternating installing method “the window method” because it opens and closes like a window.

Patlen uses the Isis 3D cubic twist in 1B for the video tutorial, but most weaving braids could be installed using the same method.

We’re excited to see how many people start using the rubber band install. It just might change how long our customers spend in their stylist’s chair.

You can check out the video tutorial on our youtube channel here at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB9ivGpa82M.

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